Brenda Knight is the British designer and owner of The NIGEL PRESTON  fashion house. World renowned for her luxurious and unique Sheepskin, Suede and Leather clothing collections.

Her fresh and personal approach to design is inspired from a lifetime in fashion, running her own London Fashion PR consultancy, working as a fashion show producer, model agent, stylist, and art director, collaborating with some of the worlds most famous photographers.

Brenda is a self-taught fashion designer, meticulously creating, crafting and fitting her designs onto her own body. Muse and fashion inspiration to her designer husband Nigel Preston the duo rapidly turned their creative force into a successful and sought after International Label.

Her tenacious and far sighted business vision led her, twelve years ago, to be one of the first independent British designers single handedly setting up her manufacturing headquarters in New Delhi, where she directs and controls every aspect of design and manufacture for export worldwide.

Devoted to training ‘hands-on’ her loyal Artisans in India where fitting, quality, manufacturing procedures, pattern cutting, hand embroidery, hand painting finishes, and business work closely together. By her own example and kindness, Brenda strives to help and improve the lifestyles of her staff, individuals and communities she works with.

Her lifetime love and fascination with all things romantic, decadent, worn and vintage in clothing, antiques, interiors and architecture has led her through the markets and back streets of London, Venice, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, Delhi and Jaipur where she is instantly recognised with her mane of long red hair.

A truly fascinated and fascinating woman, divining wonderful creations, furnishings, fabrics and artifacts.  Relentlessly seeking references to inspire fit or finish her intriguing, unique and luxurious sheepskin and leather collections.

Brenda is creating the rebirth of this historic family business that celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2018.

Found at her family home in London’s East End where, as a founder member of the Hackney media and fashion set she has brought up her family of three boys for over 30 years and is passionate about her local community.

Brenda seeks refuge and inspiration in the hidden forest of Normandy at her 18th century Chateau, magnificently reflecting her discerningly decedent, eclectic tastes with her unrivaled eye for beauty she has created a mecca for lovers of fashion, architecture and antiques. Well photographed by the international press, The Chateau is also used as film, photographic, wedding location and wellbeing retreats.

Brenda has painstakingly restored the Chateau over 25 years and it is here in her romantic and captivating world that she relaxes with family and friends and her beloved standard poodle Dotty and her menagerie of stray cats, some rescued from as far as the streets of New Delhi.

Brenda is a truly inspiring woman and designer, leading her fashion empire into a new era whilst remaining true to her history, she and the brand are well known through the worlds elite fashion circles as la’ Madam Styliste Anglais avec cheveux rouge’.  She is beloved and admired as a secret genius within the world of fashion.